Social Media Campaign

Here at Print Plus we can set you up and create a page on any social media outlet such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The Social Media phenomenon has irreversibly changed online marketing and the business world itself in recent times. With over one billion people using Facebook, over 500 million subscribing to Twitter and 255 million people on LinkedIn, most of your potential customers base is now literally at your fingertips. In some way, with the power to control your brand and its message being less in your hands with this new wave of global online conversation, engagement in active social media is becoming all the more business-critical.  

With Facebook the customers has a more active voice with the ability to ‘like’ your product or service and voice their opinions publically. Your message may be about anything from a special offer, a corporate achievement, recruitment or other important announcements. Devote a little time to proven social media platforms and you will quickly see the potential benefits they can offer your brand power.

Twitter is more of a conversational driver, encouraging people to become friendly with those who represent your brand, sharing valuable ‘tweets’ with their own business or personal connections.

Companies not engaging with customers online may not have such attentive awareness of what customers want, therefore potentially missing valuable new business opportunities. Social Media is accessible to everyone and easy to use. It is also constantly evolving to meet the needs of business hungry professionals.

Many social media outlets provide both paid and unpaid ways of promoting your business. You might advertise your social media on your website, business cards, flyers or leaflets and increase your numbers of followers that way. You can also opt for paid advertising enabling your posts to be promoted to people outside of your circles but meeting certain criteria (like age, education, region, language, etc.) Now is it the ideal time to increase your online visibility and perfect your social media strategy.

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