Developing a website alone will not automatically drive your online corporate traffic. We provide a website promotion service which includes On-Site SEO, making your website functional and easy to follow both for Google and for other visitors and Off-Site SEO which means that we register your website in various external directories, provide blog posts to promote it, etc.

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a sites traffic. It is part of our online marketing mission to help make your websites content worthy of higher search engine ranking than a competitive website. Some clients may feel that SEO is time-consuming so another service we offer is Pay-Per-Click which allow you to see more immediate results. With any PPC campaign, you are literally paying for every click. When compared to a SEO plan that takes time to be recognised, the benefit is that you PPC campaign using is instant. It is quite technical in nature so let us do all the work for you.

We believe this is the single most effective way to get your brand, product or service picked up immediately. In simple words, AdWords provide paid advertisements located at the top of Google Search Engine Results Page that are linked to a specific keywords. When a potential customer enters the keywords into a search query in Google, your advert appears. Cost per click varies depending on a number of factors.

However daily campaign budget can be set to ensure the costs stays at a reasonable level. We usually recommend a daily budget of €10 which on average might give at least seven to ten clicks daily. Monthly spend would then be at an average of €300. The key part to remember is that every click can trigger a sale.

We also offer a dedicated Analytics package to provide customers with information on their website performance if required.