Print Plus is here to help assist your business to open in a safe and efficient manner. We can supply you with off-the-shelf COVID-19 graphics or alternatively, we have a full graphic design studio ready to design to your business’ exact needs.

Just some of the things we stock…
  • Sanitising Stations
  • Floor Vinyls
  • Sanitiser Info Cards
  • Info Cards
  • Corriboard Signs
  • Counter Cards

Take a look at our COVID-19 Signage Brochure below...

We have created clear and informative signage solutions to ensure your staff and customers remain protected. When your business involves high-volume footfall, it can be challenging to greet every customer – or relay important health and safety information. That is where our signage solutions come to help! You can remind people to practice social distancing, communicate hand hygiene advice, create clear queuing systems, or simply offer a message of support. We can also produce brochures, booklets, leaflets, ceiling, outdoor and indoor banners and much more. Installation can be provided if required.

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How to Install Floor Vinyls with 5 Easy Steps

Time needed: 1 minute

Floor Vinyl Installation

  1. CLEAN

    Clean the surface well, making sure to remove all dust and dirt.

  2. FOLD

    Fold the backing paper back to expose a small amount of the adhesive.

  3. PLACE

    Carefully place the vinyl on the surface to which you are applying, sticking the exposed vinyl.


    Flip the vinyl over and carefully remove the backing paper from the graphic.

  5. APPLY

    Slowly lower the graphic into place applying pressure with a vinyl squeegee/credit card. Work from one side of the graphic to the edge, evenly forcing the air from beneath the graphic, to avoid air bubbles.